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Core Courses

Physiology, Microbiology, The Principle of Food Preparation, Human Development, Psychology, Chinese/Western Cuisine, Home Care and Practice, Management, Nutrition and Experiment in General Nutrition, Applied Nutrition, Food Sanitation and Safety, , Family Resource Management, DietDesign and Preparation, Marriage and Family, Seminar, Diet Therapy and Preparation, Environmental Planning and Preparation of Housing , Community Attention and Fringe Benefits, Seminar in Activity Design and Practice for the Elderly, , Life Horticulture, Fundamental Financial Management, Floral Decoration, Introduction to Living Technology, Quantity Food Production Management and Preparation, Medical Examination and Assessment, Practical English,Practicum in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management,  Practicum in Business Plan Writing, Practicum in Fruit and Vegetable CookingLife Care Marketing and Management, Introduction to Cosmetics, Practical Training, etc.

Elective Courses

Health Food, Public Health, Interior Design and Decoration, Living Drink Preparation, Topics in Chinese Medicine and Herb Diet Preparation, Practicum in Human Relationship Management, Practical Pharmacology, Introduction of Medicine, Fragrances and Life Caring, Financial Management, Parents Education, Topics in Dietary Preparation for the Elderly, Biochemistry, Music Care Activity, Care-program Plan and Assessment, Statistics, LandscapeDesign, Jewelry Appraisal, Horticultural Product Processing and Utilization, Topics in Traditional Dessert Preparation, Health Insurance, Practicum in International Etiquette Practice Hospice Care, Health Technology for the Elderly, Recreation Planning and Arrangement, Etiquette for Everybody, Consumer Behavior and Research, Community Administration and Management, Research in Special Topics, Emergency Technology Practice, Topics in Care Service Practice, Topics in Senior Activity, Gerontology,

Health Assessment, Understanding and Application of Tea, Tea and Health,
Application of Tea, Resources, Introduction to Tea Marketing, Practicum in Tea Store Design, Introduction to Chinese Herbs ,Practicum in Aromatic Health Care,
Practicum in Aromatic Herbal Drinks ,Development of Herbal Tea Products, Practicum in Chinese Medicine-based Food, Production of Organic Products, Tea Franchise Management and Practice, Practicum in Cooking with Tea


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